Late career (aka retirement) coaching is an essential investment to make a smooth transition from full-time work-life to a new home or blended work/home-life orientation. As a transition expert, I am here to help prepare you (and your significant other if applicable) to make a successful transition by focusing on key areas to enjoy a meaningful life through and beyond the transition. I provide a safe place to ask questions you aren’t sure who to ask, to explore new possibilities and ideas, address fears and concerns, and most importantly, move you toward your dreams and goals effectively.

Coaching is customized for individuals, couples, or groups situations. Each session will be a little different, based on your needs at that time. Along the way, I will give assignments, help you identify a course of action, or maybe suggest one.  Throughout the process, I will encourage you to take some action steps and monitor your progress toward them. Whether one-on-one, with your partner, or in a group setting, my commitment to you is to provide a safe, reflective environment where we can work together to help you make the most of your time in retirement.

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For as long as I can recall, I’ve been on an intentional, learning and action filled journey toward creating a life I increasingly love. This is my inspiration to bring the experience, insight and knowledge I’ve gained on this journey to you as your coach. I am a certified professional coach who loves to help professionals make educated and self-honoring choices as they move toward, into and within retirement.

This process is unique for each person and underpinned by a deep desire to use the transition to move closer to a life they love. My coaching work is informed by a life of my own transitions (including those with my husband of 30 years), extensive leadership, business and life coaching experience, along with formal education and credentialing.

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What Others Are Saying

Pam was a delight to work with. She has a way of getting me to think and consider readiness for retirement by helping me look at things from a lighter more heart centered place. She also helped me see the bigger picture and consider decisions in smaller chunks which eased my feelings of overwhelm.  L.M

Pam is so knowledgeable and a good listener.  You feel comfortable in her presence and heard when you share your thoughts.  I am thinking about my retired life with a new perspective that allows me to let go of stressful thoughts and enjoy where I’m at.   W.S

I liked that we followed a process that felt well connected and provided a foundation for reflection, conversation, and resulted to taking steps toward a better retirement, specifically around social engagement, and friendships.  M.M

Pam put topics on the table to focus on that helped me learn, gain new perspective, and take steps toward a more fulfilling life, most specifically, about the topic of spirituality.  S.C